Maruti Fronx Review: Stylish, Efficient, But Right for You?

  • Maruti Fronx Velocity Edition prices start at Rs. 7.29 lakh.
  • It is available across all 14 variants of the Fronx.
  • It has 1.0L turbo and the 1.2L NA petrol engine options.

Maruti Suzuki is now offering the Velocity Edition on all versions of the Fronx. Previously, it was only available on some trims. The Velocity Edition doesn’t change the car’s performance, it just adds some cosmetic touches like stickers and accents. So now, if you want those extra looks for any Fronx model, you can get them.

The Fronx comes in several models, with Sigma, Delta, Delta+, Delta+ (O), Zeta, and Alpha being the main options. These determine the features and functionalities of the car. On top of those, it has a special edition called the Velocity Edition that adds outer upgrades like stickers and accents. You can get this Velocity Edition on any Fronx model, but for a limited time the starting price is quite attractive . Just keep in mind this intial price will not last forever.

At a event at Maruti Suzuki, Partho Banerjee, was happy to announce that their Fronx SUV has been a hit!They have sold an impressive 100,000 units in just ten months.In celebration of their success and to provide customers with more choices, Maruti Suzuki is now making the special edition Fronx Velocity available across all trim levels. This allows buyers to opt for the sportier Velocity Edition aesthetics on any Fronx model, not solely the higher-end ones. Essentially, Maruti Suzuki is demonstrating their responsiveness to customer feedback by expanding the availability of desired features.

Sigma Velocity Edition: This is the most basic version of the Velocity Edition. It adds some sporty touches to the exterior with black and red garnishes on the:

  • Front bumper
  • Headlamps
  • Wheel arches
  • Front grill

Delta, Delta+, and Delta+ (O) Velocity Edition: These trims get everything the Sigma edition gets, plus some extra :

  • Red inserts added to the body side moldings along the car
  • A red garnish for the rear bumper
  • Illuminated door sill guards that light up when you open the door
  • Red designer floor mats for a pop of color inside
  • An extension for the rear spoiler to make it a bit more prominent

Delta+, Zeta, and Alpha Velocity Edition (1.0L turbo only): This version goes all out with the most accessories:

  1. Everything from the Delta trims is included
  2. A stylish exterior styling kit with a gray and red theme for a more unique look
  3. A 3D cargo mat to help protect the trunk area
  4. A fancy interior styling kit with a carbon fiber finish to add a touch of luxury inside

Engine and Performance:

The Fronx offers two engine options:

  • 1.2-litre naturally aspirated petrol engine: This engine is known for its fuel efficiency, making it a good choice for city driving. However, it might feel underpowered on highways or with a full load of passengers.
  • 1.0-litre turbocharged petrol engine: This engine provides more power and performance, making it a better option for those who prioritize driving dynamics. It’s also paired with a smoother 6-speed automatic transmission, while the 1.2L engine gets a 5-speed manual or AMT transmission.

In Conclusion: A Fronx for All?

The Maruti Suzuki Fronx presents an attractive option for those in search of a stylish, fuel-efficient (particularly with the 1.2L engine), and well-equipped compact SUV. The availability of the Velocity Edition adds an extra layer of customization.

While some competitors might offer more space or a wider range of features, the Fronx’s competitive pricing, particularly with the introductory offer on the Sigma Velocity Edition, makes it a very attractive option.

Testing it out is key! Taking the Fronx for a test drive is the optimal method to determine if it aligns with your requirements and driving preferences. Should you be in the market for a city-savvy SUV that boasts a unique character, the Fronx certainly merits consideration.

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