Sourdough Cinnamon Rolls

Brown Butter

What Makes Them Different?

Brown butter is used to make the filling for these rolls and the cream cheese frosting. Giving them a deep warm flavor and aroma you won't get with other sourdough cinnamon roll recipes.

What is Brown Butter?

Brown butter is regular butter that has been cooked down just slightly past its melting point. This turns the butter golden brown and brings out a bold warm aroma and flavor. Brown butter has hints of nutty-ness, and warm caramel-y undertones. The flavor is the perfect compliment to the sweetness of cinnamon rolls.

How do I make brown butter?

To make broown butter, you will only need butter, a small pan.and a stove top. Heat the butter on medium heat until it is fully melted and the milk solids sink to the bottom of the pan and turn a deep golden brown color. The entire process of browning butter takes about 5 minutes.

How long do the rolls take to make?

Sourdough has much longer rise times than recipes that call for bakers yeast. Sourdough cinnamon rolls will need to rise anywhere from 8-10 hours for bulk fermentation, and 1-2 hours for second rise. Check out the full recipe for two sample bakers schedules.

Ready to try them?

Click the link below for a full list of ingredients and recipe. Happy baking!

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